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In addition to the information provided by the Code of Student Conduct of Rutherford County Schools and Student Expectations of The Alternative High School, the following information is provided to our students and parents.


High School students are expected to be in attendance every day that is scheduled for student attendance. As in all high schools, a student is allowed to miss no more that two (2) days per six weeks without penalty. If a student misses more than two (2) days in per six week period, he/she will automatically receive an F (60) for that course (High School Handbook Policy 4400).  If there are extenuating circumstances which have caused the excessive absences, the student and his/her parent may appeal these excessive absences directly to Mrs. Julie Powell, Principal.


The Alternative High School day begins at 8:00 A.M. each day and students are expected to be in their assigned class by that time.  Students will exit the cafeteria at 7:50 A.M. with the teacher on duty.  The high school door will be locked at 8:00 A.M. If a student is tardy to school or does not have an assigned class until later in the school day, the student should report to the main office on the first floor to check in. The main office will issue the student an Admit To Class and the student will give the Admit To Class slip to their teacher. 


If a student must leave campus before his/her normal time for a doctor's appointment, court appointment, etc., he/she must present a note from the parent/guardian upon his/her arrival. If a student is ill and needs to check out, he/she must report to the office who will call the parent/guardian to obtain permission for the student to check out. If a parent wishes to pick up their child before the normal dismissal time for that student, the parent MUST report to the main office to check their child out. TELEPHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS A MEANS OF CHECKING A STUDENT OUT AT ANY TIME. The main office will record the check out and notify the student's teacher of the early checkout.


If a student is absent from school for an entire day(s), he/she should present a note from his/her parents explaining the reason for the absence upon his/her return to classes. 


Alternative High School students will receive a report card each six weeks giving their progress during the six week grading period. The student should share these report cards with his/her parents.


The guidance counselor will develop a student schedule for each student. Schedules for students may range from a full four period schedule to a one period schedule depending upon the student's grade classification, the number of credits needed for a specific student.

Students are expected to follow their schedule as it is written and NEVER change on assigned subject/class period without permission of the teachers involved in the schedule change.

If a student does not have a full four period schedule, he/she should check in the main office upon his/her arrival on campus each day. Upon completion of a student's day they must check out through the main office.


Students who possess a valid NC driver's license are allowed to drive their cars to and from school each day. The student should register his/her automobile by completing with the School Resource Officer in the main office. When a student who drives arrives on campus, he/she is expected to leave his/her car immediately and move into the building. When a student who drives is released from class, he/she is expected to leave campus immediately.


Students who are on campus during 3rd and 4th period are expected to move to the cafeteria for the lunch period. Students are not to re-enter high school or any other halls nor move outside the assigned areas. Students are never allowed on or at any of the playground equipment located anywhere on the school campus.


High School students are not allowed to have cell phones in class. Students are provided a secure pouch in the Tech HelpDesk in which to place their phones during the day.



The use of profanity is never allowed while on campus. Should a student be heard using profanity while on break by a faculty member, the student will be dealt with individually.



Student backpacks are not allowed at any time in the high school.If you have a backpack, it will need to be left in the main office.


In some student behavior circumstances, the C-Stop classroom will be an alternative option offered to the high school students who experience discipline problems while on campus.

C-Stop will be used as a deterrent and a tool to reduce certain situations from disturbing the learning environment of the regular classroom. Along with reducing classroom disruption, this option will give the student the ability to continue with daily instruction and may reduce the possibility of OSS.

All Rutherford Opportunity Center Policies and Procedures apply to the time spent in the C-Stop classroom.


All Rutherford Opportunity Students will be issued a Macbook laptop for their educational benefit.  Students will be expected to abide by the Acceptable Use Agreement that they will be required to sign when they receive their macbook.  Students at the Rutherford Opportunity Center will pickup their Macbooks every morning in the Helpdesk.  They will return their Macbooks to the Helpdesk every afternoon.