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Middle School



In addition to the information provided by the Code of Student Conduct of Rutherford County Schools and Student Expectations of Middle School, the following information is provided to our students and parents.


Middle school students are expected to be in attendance every day that is scheduled for student attendance. As in all middle schools, a student is allowed to miss no more that 12 days per school year without penalty. If there are extenuating circumstances which have caused the excessive absences, the student and his/her parent may appeal these excessive absences directly to Mrs. Julie Powell, Principal.



The Middle School day begins at 8:00 AM each day and students are expected to be in their assigned class by that time; the middle school doors will be locked at 8:00 AM. If a student is tardy to school, the student should report to the main office on the first floor to check in. The main office will issue the student an Admit to Class and send the student to the Middle School.


Any middle school student who must check out early from school must have a parent or guardian to come into the main office and check him/her out.


If a student is absent from school for an entire day(s), he/she should present a note to his/her homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day. The note should explain the reason for the absence when he/she returns to school.


Middle School students will receive a report card each six weeks giving their progress during the six week grading period. The student should share these report cards with his/her parents.


All middle school students will eat inside the cafeteria.


Middle school students are allowed to have a cell phone in their possession. However, the cell phone must be turned off the entire school day. Once a student has completed his/her assigned day in the middle school, the student may use the cell phone OUTSIDE THE BUILDING to call his/her ride. Students whose cell phones ring during class time or are found using their cell phones during the times outlined previously will have their cell phones confiscated and returned only to parents by Mrs. Powell. See the RCS Policy Manual for further details.


The use of profanity is never allowed while on campus.